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Sample Itinerary For Student Groups

With Karol Tibba & Pandav Gufa Trek



DAY 01: Arrival at Camp. Welcome with smiles and a soft hot/cold drink. Issue of accommodation and camp gear.

CAMP THEME: Naturalization & Importance of Self Reliance: Nature and Self supported lifestyle in shaping a healthier body and mind.

ACTIVITY: Chief Instructor’s address on Camp Philosophy and Rules. Equipment Detailing, Forest Familiarization, Knot Tying, Tent Pitching, Moderate Trekking, Burma Bridge, Zip Line/Monkey Crawl, Team Building: self Cooking, Self Utensil Cleaning, Tent Layout Making. Games, Discotheque ….

AT CAMP: Lunch, Evening tea/snacks, Dinner. Overnight stay.

OPTION: Himalayan Queen Hill Train Ride to Shimla

12.10 pm: Board train 52455 Himalayan Queen (Chair Car) for Shimla. Standard lunch as served by train pantry enroute.

ABOUT H. QUEEN: The Kalka-Shimla Railway built to connect, the summer capital of India in 1903 at an altitude of 2076 meters offers a panoramic feast to experience the grandeur of the picturesque Himalayas from the shivalik foot hills at Kalka to the silvery snow line near the towering peaks. The 96.54 kilometer line, built on a 2 feet six inches gauge, runs through 102 tunnels unveiling spectacular sceneries along the whole route, and the marvels of it's construction, keeps the traveler on this line spell bound.

05.20 pm: Arrival Shimla Jn. Board NAC local coach for Camp 40 km/2 hrs.


  1. The train reservations are subject to availability at the time of tour confirmation.
  2. We can arrange a land coach travel to Camp from Ambala, Chandigarh or Kalka Jn.

DAY 02: At Camp

CAMP THEME:  Breaking The Barriers & Survival techniques: 

ACTIVITY: Warm Up, Moderate Trekking, Natural Climbing, Rappelling, Twig Collection, Team Building- Treasure Hunt, Games, Campfire ….

AT CAMP:   All 4 Meals. Overnight stay.

DAY 03: At Camp

CAMP THEME: Leadership Motivator & Abilitator: Resources and Crisis Management

ACTIVITY: TREK TRAINING (Water Fall Trek), Twig Collection, Team Building: Maggi Making, Games, Campfire ….

AT CAMP:   All 4 Meals. Overnight stay.

DAY 04: At Camp

CAMP THEME:  Social Engineering & Emotional Management:  Role of Youth in Society and Nation Building. 

KNOWLEDGE BASE: Village Interaction, Cultural Exchange etc.

PROJECT WORK:  Social Welfare and Rural Empowerment based on real assessment of local problems and  social stigmas. Simple solutions to curb migration towards urban India.

OTHER ACTIVITY: Night Navigation and Star Gazing. 

AT CAMP:   All 4 Meals. Games, Discotheque, Overnight stay.

DAY 05:  

1ST HALF: Chail Sightseeing: Half day sightseeing by cab at the famous tourist locations at Chail. Sightseeing includes World's Highest Cricket Ground, Kali Tibba, Siddh Baba Mandir, Patiyala Maharaja's Palace etc.

2NDHALF: Multi Tasking: Multi Tasking Activities based on Emotional Intelligence, Splinter Group performance. 5 minute Drama/Play/Song on selective topics,Twig Collection, Games, Campfire ….

CAMP THEME: Experience Sharing and Deriving Results by Collective Efforts and Team Building.

AT CAMP:  All 4 Meals. Overnight stay.

DAY 06:   Kufri and Shimla Sightseeing

Full day sightseeing by NAC cab/Local Bus at the famous tourist locations at Kufri and Shimla. Sightseeing may include:

KUFRI: Himalayan Zoo.

SHIMLA: Lunch enroute. Church, Watch Tower, The Mall Road, Trek to Jakhu Temple (Optional activity for the group since it requires a steep ascending trek of 1.5 km). Back to camp in evening.

AT CAMP:  Breakfast and Dinner. Overnight stay.

DAY 07:   Departure

Post breakfast checkout. Farewells and Parting Messages. 


  1. The camp stay can be planned for longer durations also depending on the requirements of client.
  2. Various famous treks like Karol Tibba (Pandav Cave) and Churdhar Summit can be attained from the camp.

CAMP COST PER STUDENT (Min. 45 Students):Per Night/ Without Transportation

Below Class XI = Rs. 1000 Per Child                  Above Class XI = Rs. 1200 Per Student

OPTION: Please ask for a tailor made package Ex. your nearest Railway Station.

PACKAGE VALIDITY: Till 30th July, 2017

Services, Inclusions, Taxes and Milestones

TAXATION: All applicable taxes inclusive as on date.


  • 50 % advance deposit in favor of 'JG Tours & Adventures' in PNB (Punjab National Bank) vide A/C no. 0153002100564506.
  • For RTGS/NEFT transfers: IFS CODE: PUNB0015300 (Punjab National Bank, 5 Sansad Marg, New Delhi- 110001)
  • Remaining 50 % payment to be delivered in cash at the resort upon check-in.
NB: The client shall deduct TDS as per applicable laws and shall provide certificate of deductions for the same within 3 months of the completion of the final group.

We provide certified guides and professionals for all the adventure activities that the Client shall undertake.
b.   1 Facilitator shall be made available for every 20 guests for doing surface based activities.
c.    In addition we shall provide 1 behavioral trainer for briefing and de-briefing session and for conducting camp based activities

All the equipments, accessories shall be of the highest quality and in best shape and certified by the appropriate authorities.  

SAFETY AND SECURITY (Personal, Camp and Adventure Activity)
a.  1 night guard shall be provided at the camp site.
b.  We shall be responsible for meeting basic safety requirements such as fire extinguisher. Evacuation plan etc.
c.  Doctors on call at camp site if and when needed (at actual expanse).
d.  Hospitalization facility at the nearest hospital in case of emergency (chargeable at actual expanse).
e.  We however shall not be liable for managing personal belongings of the guests/students.

We shall facilitate a complementary tour/camp stay to officially escorting teachers on a fixed ratio of 1 FOC teacher for each 15 studentss

Following are the samples that will be followed with buffet services:

MORNING: Milk, Tea, Coffee Powder with biscuits  

BREAKFAST: Cornflakes/Milk, Alu-Puri or Stuffed Parantha-Curd or Chana-Bhatura, bread toast, butter, jam, Seasonal fruit and Boiled Egg.

DAY BREAK: Concentrated Juice

LUNCH/DINNER: Dal, Raita, Seasonal Vegetable, Rice, Indian bread (chapatti), Salad, Papad, Pickle and Sweets/Desert.
                          Chicken and Paneer once a day only.

EVENING SNACKS: Tea/Coffee or concentrated juices/squash with cookies  

WATER: RO filtered water shall be provided at camp for drinking purpose. The same shall be placed in all the common areas for easy access.  

EXTRA PROVISIONING:  We shall also arrange for fresh milk, provision for preparing Khichdi, and bottle sterilization etc which may be required for very small children and sick/fasting people at the camp site.      

A. Any increase in the Govt. taxes leading to an increase in the surface transportation and land arrangements which may come into effect prior to departure and or escalation of taxes as are applicable.  
B. Expenses and services of a personal nature, medical bill, telephone calls, mineral water, meals, refreshments and snacks not specified in camp, room service, non alcoholic beverages, laundry and porterage.
C. Any service not mentioned under heading "Tour Cost Includes, and the itinerary.  
D. All the extra accommodation arrangements or services to be added over camp,s existing framework.


>The cancellation policy (mentioned hereafter) shall be effective in all cases of cancellation/no Show.
>The package cost is based upon the guarantee of minimum number of students as for each transport option.
>In case of any fuel hike, implementation of road tax or any other taxes resulting a hike in rates by the transporter, we would then advise you the amended supplement cost to be payable by you.
>In case of over scaling of time limit of tour or overstay or over expenditure incurred due to any reason like natural calamity, traffic jam, transport breakdown or anything beyond our control, the client shall be liable to pay the actuals above the package cost.
>The rates mentioned above are valid till further notification.
>These rates are applicable only for Camp/hotel mentioned in the itinerary.
>Remittance of payment will be as per the schedule given.
>Organizers shall, in no way, be responsible for any mishap if so occurred during entire tour.
>Accommodation pattern is quoted on a maximum availability in camp/hotel.
>The minimum number of guests in one tent/room may increase corresponding to availability of tents/rooms.
>Itinerary (if given) shall be deemed tentative due to various unforeseen and uncommandable reasons that may overrule the same. Though we try our best to maintain the same itinerary given to you initially.
>Our bookings are subject to the condition that this clause is acceptable to you.
>Our booking process starts on receiving a proper and duly signed Work Order, along with advance payment from the client.

TOUR CANCELLATION: All notice of cancellation must be sent to our New Delhi office in writing. Verbal cancellations will not be entertained. There is also no refund for services not utilized. There will be a cancellation fee as under:
30 Days prior to Tour departure date:                 No cancellation.
29 Days to Tour departure date:                          Our discretion

POSTPONEMENT OF TRIP: In case of postponement of the tour, the cancellation charges will be applicable as per actual cancellations levied by the suppliers and ground operators. A fresh quote, depending upon the new travel dates will be submitted. Payments received from the client will be adjusted against future travel after adjusting the cancellation charges.

REFUNDS: For any amendment or cancellation in the services, refunds, if any, due after adjustment of such amendments/cancellations will be paid to the client within 15 days from the date of amendment/cancellation. Refunds on account of airline amendments/cancellation, after adjusting the amendment/cancellation charges/fees will take a minimum 60 days to process, as this is the time frame taken by them.

ENVIRONMENTAL GUIDELINES: These guidelines help in reducing the impact on the environment, minimize the possibility of animal suffering and stress, and encourage respect and appreciation of other cultures and traditions.

>>Hotel/Campsite - Keep in mind that another party will be using the same site after you have left. Leave the site cleaner than you found it.

>>Do not Fuel the Fire- Always discard matches with great care but also keep the use of wood for fuel to a minimum. When possible, take kerosene or an alternative fuel source for cooking and heating purposes.

>>Remove litter- Burn or bury paper and carry out all non-degradable litter.

>>Keep local water clean - Avoid using pollutants such as detergents in streams or springs. If no toilet facilities are available, make sure you are at least 30 meters away from water sources, and bury or cover waste.

>>Plants should be left to flourish - Taking cuttings, seeds and roots is illegal in many parts of the world. Also remember the trade in many wildlife products is strictly illegal.

>>Help your guides to follow conservation measures.

>>When taking photographs - Respect privacy - ask permission and use restraint.

>>Respect Holy places - Preserve what you have come to see, never touch or remove religious objects. Shoes should be removed when visiting temples.

>>Giving to children encourages begging - A donation to a project, health center or school is a more constructive way to help.

>>You will be accepted and welcomed if you follow local customs.

>>Clothes - Loose lightweight clothes are preferable to revealing shorts, skimpy tops and tight fitting action wear.

>>Visitors, who value local traditions, encourage local pride and maintain local cultures. Please help local people gain a realistic view of life in Western Countries.

>>Stay on Track - Unsupervised off road walking can cause irreparable damage to the soil and vegetation, all for the sake of that once in a lifetime shot. In many areas trekking and wild life safaris are popular leisure activities. By carefully keeping to marked paths and routes, human impact can be kept to a minimum.

      Accommodation Tariff Packages Activities Gallery Sightseeing Churdhar Trek