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Our own research- Anant Guna (Infinite Virtues) Massage OiL helped​​ the​ girl (in video), ​who was partially disabled for years, walk ​with​in 6 days of application. Hundreds of dejected people already cured by this oil alone.



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  1. Back, Kneee or foot pain or swelling are generally caused due to SCIATICA NERVE disturbance. Please ensure a good and fast Masaage of the entire trek (lower waist to foot) irrespective of the pain location twice a day at least for 2 more weeks after the pain is over. It shall cure the root and avert any chance of trouble to recuperate.
  2. Massage on and around the affected part with both hands. A speedy and powerful massage shall reduce the time taken in the oil getting absorbed.
  3. It shall take max. 5 minutes for the messieurs hands to feel hot. Rise in skin temperature means that oil has seeped in and started it's required job of healing.
  4. Take max 1 feet area at a time to massage for max. 5 minutes if massaged with speed and little pressure.
  5. Cover the massaged part with cloth to protect it from air. 
  6. No bath after min. 30 minutes of massage. 
  7. Sitting in sun shall be more helpful. 
  8. Twice a day massage (morning and night) shall help the body to heal faster.
~Very gentle and prolonged massage should be done in d patients of PARALYSIS and disk bulge. Pressure or speed massages in such patients are strictly prohibited.
~Oil for external use only. Oral intake or contact with eyes and mouth may cause harm.
~Open wound or cut to be strictly kept untouched while messaging.
~Keep children away.
~Wash hands with soap before and after application.