JG - A Holistic approach towards - 'JOURNEY GATES' over two decades

Who are we?

Great Journeys Tours & Adventures (J G) is a group of leading adventure and leisure travel companies providing a variety of options to those who wish to see India in a different light. J G is dedicated to the bounty that the Majestic India has to offer. JG was founded in year 2001 on a constant search and explore basis to locate places that are not often found on the average tourists map. This mantra always discovers that extra mile which achieves extra satisfaction for both- Our client and team J G. We love to entertain and be entertained even at serious work.We are crazy to be where others do not reach. The passion for the unexplored outdoors of India and Himalayas is the binding & driving force at JG. Team JG is committed to the providing the experience of a lifetime and more to all the people who travel with us.

Borne out of love for outdoors, JG was formed as a small travel company with a bigger vision. Today ! J G owns some and holds marketing rights of many top camps and hotels in India. We have come a long way since with just oodles of passion and the burning desire to provide that out of the ordinary experience.
Also, India being such a diverse and vast land, we are unable to put in the whole of it in a single site. But rest assured ! If you have anything specific in mind do not hesitate to mail us.

Our Establishments :-

We are a Delhi based chain of Camps & Resorts located at memorable off beat places in India providing all sorts of Adventure Sports and Trekking at our fixed camping resorts at RISHIKESH,NAINITALSHIMLAMANALIMUSSOORIECORBETT PARKJAISALMER etc.

We provide our guests very well researched platter of tours packed with hoard of adventure sports and  activities like Aero Sports, Water Sports, Trekking, Mountaineering etc. at various of our own and affiliate Camps/ Nature Resorts in Garhwal, Kumayun, Himachal, Rajasthan and many unexplored locations in India. We have adventure packages for Rafting in Rishikesh, Rafting Expeditions near Rishikesh,Camping in Ganga beaches Weekend Short Rafting Expeditions etc. 

How do we accomplish ?

Experts from a variety of backgrounds are involved and their proven skills are exploited to enrich the experience keeping the process simple enough to be understood easily. Call it- 'Experiential Learning'. Our unique approach to outdoor adventure teaches the life's lessons and positive experiences at every step. Every peak, and every mountain's stream holds a story to be explored. The unique experience of grounding our relationship to the natural world leaves behind the experiences with a sense of joy, hope and to satisfy the curiosity which, we must confess, increases with time.

All the JG Camps are located at places which automatically start the process of rejuvenation and naturalization which in turn improves one's ability to perform. JG Camps are ideal sites for training groups seeking Outdoor learning programs. We provide a panel of leading consultants on call in various traits of HRD, HRM and Financial Management for expert lectures and practical training at any camp. The objective of these programs is mainly to build a high performance team.

Team J G

Anant, an MBA of 1993, is the founder and driving force behind JG and is almost omnipresent at all our camps & Activities. Having traveled extensively all over India and the Himalayas his enthusiasm for the outdoors is infectious as is his ability to make you feel at home away from home.Be prepared to be mesmerized by his authenticity over any subject related to his profession.

Sanjay, popularly known as Sanju Fauji, is an ex Army and an expert on camping, adventure and trekking . His smiling face and laughing tricks are sight to sore eyes. Our point man at the camps. Just don't ask him to dance. 

Deepak, Supervises the logistics and itinerary implementation by team at any tour. A multi talented and the complete outdoors man he is part of the scene all the time from making you at home to giving special instructions apart from being a class instructor at camps.

Preeti, the never tiring girl who helps you connect to the right person and takes care at back office. Always willing to do the extra mile she is seen every where- Marketing to Operations. 

Bharti, our reservoir who promptly fills the vaccum whenever there is need. Generally helps in facilitating the communication.

Shivram, a graduate from NIM (National Institute of Mountaineering) is a descent from high Himalayas of Garhwal. He is fondly called 'A Pads-on Always' for his ability to walk nonstop at any given terrain in Himalayas. Acts as the Chief Supervisor for all activities at any camp.

Ajit, the software professional with a difference. A multipurpose man that will guide you through the streams of soft adventure and luxury vacations.

Pradeep, is the man to be seen when on a kayak. His Kayak speaks the rest. Easily among the best safety kayakers today, his smiling face and supreme calm in even the most turbulent of rapids is a great booster.

Akshay, is just outdoors any time/any day. Loves to travel anywhere.

Sukhdev, a typical Rajasthani, who can tell innumerable unheard stories about Rajasthan and it's people.

Shubham, takes care of our clients who arrive at Delhi and want to be solicited by a nice representative.

You sure would appreciate the skills and hospitality of all those who keep adventure activities, kitchen, laundry, house keeping, vehicle and all of JG camps going......

Our Credibility

We are a proud association of camps and other service providers identified as "Price Worthy" by our clients, which come from all walks of life. No worries! Your queries about our clientele are always welcome. If you need to put a voice to a mail, do call Anant at (+91) 8285872071, 9911300271 (Delhi, India). Always eager and glad to speak to you.